The success of any relationship is dependent on clear and transparent reporting.
CMS Inventory Management solution captures all transactions in real-time, and allows    you    to    control    your    stock    from    the
time it is received into the warehouse until it is delivered to the destination. With BPA Logistics’ reporting, you can properly
maintain    adequate    stocks, as well as controlling  costs and wastage.
We employ the latest Microsoft technology to deliver an extensive    suite of    reports    to    effectively    manage    your    inventory
and costs. Your inventory can be tracked by many elements, including:
•        Value
•        Product    Code
•        Unit    of    Measure
•        Product    Group
•        Brand
•        Marketing    Campaign
•        Cost    Centre
•        Delivery    Location
•        Activity
Our reporting is comprehensive and can be customised to your requirements.   



•        Stock    on    hand
•        Usage    by    location    and    product    for    demand    management
•        Warehouse    receipts
•        Back orders
•        Warehouse reorder notification
•        Online despatch performance
•        Distribution costs
•        Warehouse costs
•        Helpdesk requests    and    KPI    measurement
•        Cycle count information and inventory accuracy
•        Destruction
CMS proactively works with our clients to control your inventory using our customised management tools, reducing your logistics costs and minimising wastage due to obsolescence.


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